Irresistible Me Hair Accessories


Hello my dears,

In past month we talked about Irresistible Me hair accessories, and I told you a bit more about Irresistible Me and accessories that I got. You can see the review here .

Today I'm showing you how the accessories look on me :)

Ruby Headband

Blair Headband

Diana Tiara

I hope you liked the fitting as much as you liked the review of the products.

You can look up for Irresistible Me at:

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8 komentara

  1. Wow! These accesorises look beautiful on you especially blare headband���� will you do a review of their hair extensions also?? I would love that!!xxx

  2. It is so cool... Love the hair colour...what about extensions? ��

  3. htjedoh napisati da imas divnu boju kose, al vidim da je perika, mogla bi je i ja naruciti :D

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